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or those who are interested, we give some details on the development of PageBuild, the software that made this new site possible:

Many of you will have visited our award winning 80's Movies Rewind site that has been running since 1999. Since March 2001, our own in-house designed Content Management System (CMS) called
PageBuild has been running that site. You can read more about this and the history of the project at the "about PageBuild" page at the '80s site.

Having been steadily developed during it's first six months of near-flawless operation, PageBuild quietly moved onward. Also introduced during this time were a brand new sophisticated "Contact Module", the "PFR1101" product search device and a brand new, improved user submissions module, as well as a Competitions Management Module.

On 9th August 2001, anyone watching the version numbers on the pages would have seen that it suddenly jumped through a major version change, taking it to version 2.x. This signalled the the end of a major top to bottom re-write of it's core modules; The purpose? To enable it to handle something that hadn't been envisaged when it was first designed -Multiple sites...

...Or, more specifically... This site.

Although hundreds of updates were made to the 80's site every week and PageBuild received many thousands of revisions and improvements, in the background work continued on the 70s site and in April 2002, the basic design of a 70s page and the PFR1000 was established and page authors were writing pages.

During the rest of 2002 and up until late July 2003 work continued. Adding pages, testing and more testing. This page was added 17th July 2003. The unique top menu was designed and written on the 11th August and, o
n the 12th Aug 2003, this site was finally launched with just 22 completed pages.

For more about
PageBuild, the history of the project and a FAQ, see the "about PageBuild" page at the '80s site.

Thank you very much for visiting us and we hope you'll enjoy what we have to offer.


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