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1. Deliverance
     With Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty ...

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Herbert "Cowboy" Coward the "toothless man" could not read or write. He learned his lines by listening to tape recordings. He also spoke with a stutter and some lines were cut. When he got to the location to shoot the scene, he said he was "shocked" that people actually lived this way. In one scene, there was a dummy(Coward's character) hanging from a 200 foot cliff. The director didn't think it look realistic and asked Coward to do the scene. He took a look down the 200 foot cliff,at dummy and the thin rope, shook his head, took a swig of Blue Ribbon and said "I guess if he can do it, so can I." (This was in Chris Dickey's book) Billy Redden has a role in Tim Burton's "Big Fish" and works at the present time washing dishes in a diner. I don't know if Coward is still alive but most of the information came from a radio interview in 1989 with some DJ called the "Greaseman". At that time, Coward was working at a thread factory. Coward got the job because he and Reynolds worked together in a western theme park call "Ghost Town" or something like that. Bill McKinney, the other mountain man, claims that stuff that Reynolds said about him is pure fiction and Burt is "telling stories". According to Maxim magazine, Coward and McKinney were rated the number one movie villains of all time. [Thanks to Harry Farley]
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