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1. Grease
     With John Travolta, Jeff Conaway, Stockard Channing ...

Additionally, Olivia Newton-John appeared in the following 2 movies on our 80s site: [opens in a new window]

1. Two of a Kind
     With Charles Durning, John Travolta, Scatman Crothers ...
2. Xanadu
     With James Sloyan, Gene Kelly, Michael Beck ...

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Though the parties involved signed a settlement in which no one talks about the "problem", Paramount and Olivia Newton-John apparently were involved in a dispute over the amount of royalties due to Newton-John relative to similar royalties earned by Travolta due to that infamous cover image of the pair as Danny and Sandy. The DVDs for Grease had all been pressed and ready to go for several years, but were held up by this dispute, which explains why the Grease DVD contains only the same bonus items as the several years earlier released 20th anniversary VHS tape. Kleiser has hinted in interviews that a special edition of Grease could be forthcoming in the next few years.
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