Pennsylvania Movie Filming Locations (Original Filming / Shooting Sites)

Find out what movies on The Rewind were filmed on location in Pennsylvania. We also show the known locations for those movies inside the [] brackets.

Do you live or plan to vacation in Pennsylvania?

Visiting the filming locations used for your favorite 70's movies is cheap, fun and really makes a trip worthwhile.

-Problem is, where are they?

Previously, finding the precise shooting locations required lots of work, cross-referencing several sources of information. Worse still, many of these 'classic' 70s movies were never listed because they weren't important enough ...

Now, for the first time ever, you can see where your favorite 70's movies were filmed quickly and easily, grouped by state with descriptions of the locations that we can pinpoint. Most locations include a street address.

Locations listed with Indy's hat symbol are featured locations with an online map. Listings showing the fast-rewind symbol have a featured link to another site, often an online tour of the filming locations used by someone who has found them.

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For Pennsylvania, we have 1 70s movies that we feature that were definitely filmed on location in Pennsylvania:

1. Dawn Of The Dead Starring: Ken Foree, David Emge, Scott H. Reiniger ...
      Shopping Mall in Monroeville
     [Other Filming Locations: airfield]
      Featured Link: Virtual tour of the mall with pictures

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