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1. Wiz, The
     Starring: Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell ...

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Quincy Jones remarked at the time, "For many years people have been asking me 'Quincy, what was your first very big assignment?' My answer now is 'The Wiz'--Anytime you have 9 singing principals, 120 dancers, 6 sound technicians, 3 conductors, 4 contractors, 300 musicians, 105 singers, 9 orchestras, 6 copyists, 5 music editors, you are talking big numbers. I first heard about the film version of The Wiz from Sidney Lumet at a party two years ago, but i was so tied up with record commitments that I couldn't consider it. Then one day a Mercedes pulled up to my home in California and a man got out with flowers. It was Charlie Smalls asking me to do the film. I still had to say 'No' but neither Charlie nor Sidney seemed to hear me. But I've learned through the years that when Sidney is turned on about something that much 'you sure better check it out!'".
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