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Have pity? Who had pity for Huo Yuen Jia?"

In Shanghai of the early 20th century, Kung Fu Master and founder of the Ching Wu Academy Huo Yuen Jia is found dead. Chen Jun (Bruce Lee), student at the Ching Wu, returns to Shanghai to quickly discover that his Master was poisoned by a rival school of Japanese martial arts - led by Suzuki (Riki Hoshimoto), that now threatens to permanently shut down the Ching Wu Academy.

Chen takes the law in his hands. He becomes a vigilante, killing his Master's murderers one by one using his remarkable martial arts skills. He becomes an outlaw fugitive, chased by the local authorities, and while he unleashes his fist of fury with "ease", he experiences difficulties approaching Yuan (Nora Miao).

The Japanese Dojo headmaster feels the threat Chen poses, so he calls for "back up", which comes in the form of the Russian fighter Petrov (Robert Baker). But nothing seems to stop Chen from avenging his Master's death - except for the Shanghai Police Inspector (Lo Wei), who, while he sympathizes Chen and his cause, is bound by the law.

In a great finale, Chen returns to the Ching Wu Academy after confronting Petrov and Suzuki, to find out that Japanese officials and the local Police are about to shut down the Academy, unless Chen turns himself in. Giving up everything for the tradition of his school, Chen is shot down by the surrounding officers in one of Bruce Lee's most characteristic leaps.

Released as "Cheng Mo Mun (Ching Wu Men)" in Hong Kong and "Chinese Connection" in the US, loosely based on the incidents that took place round the time Ching Wu's founder was murdered, "Fist Of Fury" wiped away any doubts about Bruce Lee's newly established reign in the world of martial arts movies. Lee's style was something the screen had not seen and that's what really helped Golden Harvest become a notable rival of Shaw Bros. - the "king" of martial arts films of that time.

The fighting scenes were something out of this world for the time the movie was released. Bruce Lee takes out a whole martial arts Dojo by himself, yet he manages to make it believable. Add to that the fact he introduced the Nunchaku in this particular film and it really doesn't get any better than that.

The film spawned unofficial sequels (one with the "legendary" copycat Bruce Li as Chen's brother, one with Jackie Chan (!) in a Lo Wei flick a.o.) and remakes starring Jet Li and Donnie Yen. But in my humble opinion, none of them can beat the classic "scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!".

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Written By: Nikos Domvros [Contact]

Bruce Lee was the "main man". His sole presence itself could make a bad movie seem good. This movie is just another example of why this man influenced the whole martial arts world. A must see.

Rewind Factor: 9.5

Fist of Fury is also known as "Fists of Fury" (in the USA), "The Big Boss", "The Chinese Connection" (USA), "The Iron Hand" and "School for Chivalry" (USA).

Jackie Chan appears in a cameo, practicing in the courtyard of the Ching Wu Academy, while he also serves as a stunt double (he doubled Riki Hoshimoto in that "famous" fall after Bruce Lee's flying side kick), along with Yuen Biao and Yuen Wah.

Lo Wei, who plays the Inspector, is the film's director.

Robert Baker was Bruce Lee's bodyguard.

The famous American comedian/film star Steve Martin is alleged to be an uncredited extra in the final scene, as one of the men at the gate with guns who fire at Lee when he leaps in the air. Apparently Martin was doing standup in Hong Kong at the time, so when the producers needed somebody western - looking for the final scene, he happily obliged. [Thanks to Adrian Dews]

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"Bruce Lee has done the impossible... He's surpassed himself!"

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Fist Of Fury Picture
Showing the Japanese a lesson
Fist Of Fury Picture
Way of the Dragon
Fist Of Fury Picture
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Fist Of Fury Movie Details
Golden Harvest
Lo Wei
Bruce Lee, Nora Miao, James Tien, Robert Baker, Tony Liu, Lo Wei
Martial Arts
Memorable theme, excellent display of martial arts skills.
Some rather unrealistic fight scenes.

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