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enji, Bobby and Huey are three 17 year olds on the brink of manhood.

Their days are spent chasing girls and hanging out at Montana, the local ice cream parlour.

Bobby is the more confident of the three guys and has the most luck with the girls, which causes problems when Benji falls for the new girl at school, Nikki. Benji tries to get her to date him but she seems to prefer Bobby and starts seeing him.

Benji knows that Bobby is not in love with Nikki, but is just using her to steal her virginity and this makes Benji angry as he knows he has more to offer Nikki than Bobby ever could. Nikki cant see through Bobby though and begins to fall for his charm. When the inevitable happens and Bobby sleeps with Nikki for the first time she becomes pregnant, but Bobby just doesn't want to know and tells her to stop hassling him.

She confides in Benji who tells her not to worry as from now on he will take care of her. While their school friends are on a trip they make plans to get Nikki an abortion and hide out at Benji's grandmothers house.

Benji sells his things in order to pay for the abortion, and Nikki is touched by his kindness. He finally admits that he is in love with her and always has been, and they tenderly kiss for the first time.

Benji has fallen for Nikki and hopes that she feels the same. He orders her an engraved locket for her birthday to prove his love for her, but is devastated when he walks into the party and see's her back in Bobby's arms! It seems that Nikki never really got over Bobby, and Benji leaves broken hearted.

Many of you are probably by now thinking, hold on this sounds remarkably like "The Last American Virgin". In fact this was made before that movie and was written and directed by the same director, Boaz Davidson.

Lemon Popsicle was made in Tel Aviv in 1978 and was later re-made for the American audiences as "The Last American Virgin".

Reading the plot line, the movie may seem like all doom and gloom, but it is a fantastic movie, which has more than it's fair share of hilarious moments and is so true of teenagers lives even today...
Written By: Lindsay [Contact]

Lemon Popsicle is an extremely hard movie to get hold of, but if you ever get the chance, it is a must see. This is what teen comedies are really all about!

Rewind Factor: 9

The film went on to become one of the most popular movies in Israel and spawned several sequels, "Going Steady", "Hot Bubblegum", "Private Popsicle", "Baby Love", "Up Your Anchor", "Young Love", 2Summertimes Blues" and most recently in 2001, "Lemon Popsicle - The Party Goes On".

Upon its release in Israel, 1,350,000 people went to the cinema to see Lemon Popsicle. At the time the population in Israel was something like 3- 4 million, which meant that 40%-50% of the country saw the movie!

James Spader and Robert Downey, Jr also starred together in the 1984 movie "Tuff Turf".

The party scene with all the TV's was actually filmed in a Hollywood club that existed in the 80's. [Thanks to Witchblade]

Zachi Noy(Huey) starred as the owner of 'Glida Montana' restaurant in a new Lemon Popsicle movie, "Lemon Popsicle - The Party Goes On"(2001) based on the same characters but with different actors. [Thanks to Shaul Golan]

Do you know some Lemon Popsicle trivia that we could add? [Please send it in]

"Lemon Popsicle" was filmed entirely on location in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The High School when Benny meet Nikki for the first time was "Gimnasiet Herzelia" (Herzelia School),in Zabotinsky st.

The ice-cream cafe when all the friends meet together is "Montana" located in the beginning of Tel Aviv esplanade, on the old port of
Tel Aviv.

Nikki and Bobby make love in rowboat, in hayarkon creek. That is the hayarkon park between Ramat-Gan (city) to Tel Aviv. [Thanks to Shlomy .C ,Israel]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Tel Aviv, Israel filming locations used for Lemon Popsicle? [Please send them in]

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Lemon Popsicle Soundtrack

Lemon Popsicle features a fantastic rock 'n' roll soundtrack, with artists such as Little Richard, Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis and more.

Soundtrack Available: Used Vinyl LP / Tape


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"Those Lemon Popsicle boys are at it again"

Lemon Popsicle Picture
Lemon Popsicle Picture
Lemon Popsicle Picture
Lemon Popsicle Picture

Lemon Popsicle Movie Details
Boaz Davidson
Zachi Noy, Anat Atzmon, Yiftach Katzur, Dvora Kedar, Jonathan Sagall, Rachel Steiner, Avi Hadash, Menashe Warshavsky
The movie shows the good and bad times experienced by teenagers in a thought provoking light hearted way.
Some people may be put off that the movie is dubbed.

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