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A perfect world, created by and for perfect people. Outside the domes, the ravaged earth of post-nuclear devastation. Inside, there's fun, happiness, youth, free love, and the offer of renewable life in Carousel.

Carousel happens on your thirtieth birthday, and nobody misses Carousel.

But some doubt that you get renewed. Some think that you just die. Nobody has been seen again after Carousel. And so some people run. They try to escape the state enforcers (known as Sandmen) and reach a mythical place called Sanctuary, beyond the reach of the controlling computers and the Sandman's gun.

Logan 5 (York) is a Sandman. Following the discovery of a strange metal symbol called an Ankh on the body of a runner, he's been assigned to track down a group of people that are spreading dissent, and helping Runners. He expects to do this by investigating, looking at evidence, etc. but the main computer has other plans - it advances Logan's timeclock to show him as just short of his thirtieth birthday. Now Logan has problems of his own.

He makes contact with Jessica 6 (Agutter) who he had previously met and who wore an Ankh. Suspecting her of being involved with the dissident group, Logan tricks her into helping him run, so that he can identify the group's leaders.

But although he is performing his mission as ordered, in the back of his mind are his own doubts about Carousel...

Soon his run for freedom becomes genuine, and his best friend and fellow Sandman, Francis (Jordan) is sent after them. The chase takes them through a plastic surgery (staffed by Farrah Fawcett, of Charlie's Angels fame), through the Free Love Shop (where anything and everything goes on and comes off), through the sewers and caves, and finally out into the sunlight... A sunlight they have never seen before... But still Francis is never far behind, so they need to press on.

Eventually they come to a large, ancient and overgrown structure, populated with hundreds of cats and one very old man called Ballard (Ustinov). Logan and Jessica have never seen someone old before.

This finally proves to them that Carousel is a lie. But what can they do?

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Written By: Paul Shrimpton [Contact]

Logan's Run is typical of the Science Fiction approach in the mid seventies. The look is very clean, hi-tech, futuristic, and absolutely the opposite of what was to come after the twin revolution of Star Wars and Alien.

From then on, all futuristic movies would look dirty and used rather than super clean and bright. The sets, the music, and the costumes are very hippy, swinging, and instantly dated.

That having been said, this is still a classic of it's type, because the plot, the situation, and the acting are wonderful. York and Agutter are excellent as the two leads, both finding new things about life, love and their preconceptions as the movie progresses. Jordan is good, and Ustinov puts in a relatively small but perfectly formed performance.

It has to be seen in context of when it was made, but is still well worth the effort to catch.

Rewind Factor: 9.5

The costuming was originally intended to be even more scanty for the actresses in the film, but it was decided the resulting demands on makeup could have been prohibitively expensive.

An extra makes the Star Trek Vulcan salute when waving to the old man after everyone escapes the exploding city.

The director's son plays the doctor at "New You".

Michelle Stacy played "Mary 2", the young girl who took Jessica's bracelet. She went on to have another famous science fiction role as the daughter of Proteus in Demon Seed and later played the "Young Girl With Coffee" in Airplane!

Farrah Fachett Majors, who starred in Charlie's Angels, was in this movie.

Michael York is Basil Exposition in the Austin Powers movies. He was also Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet. [Thanks to Jeff]

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Featured Location: The Great Hall / Carousel Entrance
Wanna see the real life location used for The Great Hall / Carousel Entrance in the movie? It was actually filmed at Dallas Aparel Mart, located in Dallas, Texas. [Show me a Map/Directions]

The Dallas Apperel Mart is the largest building of itís kind in the world, covering 1.8 million square feet. It opened in 1964 and has been expanded since. As well as the great hall and Carousel entrance, the West Atrium was also was used for the "Halucimil", "New You" and "The Love Shop" entrances.

The Fort Worth Water Gardens were used for the wave power inlet.

The Malibu Creek State Park (previously known as the Fox Ranch) was used for all external scenes. The buildings were almost entirely matte paintings.

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Logan's Run Soundtrack

Composed by Jerry Goldsmith, Logan's Run has heavy chunks of Synth work, mixed in with softer orchestral pieces, and fits the movie very well.

The score was originally released on LP at the time of the film, a 42-minute program which has twice been available on CD. FSM's new 74-minute CD features the complete score resequenced into film order and remixed and remastered from the original multitrack elements.

Hearing the entire score in order is a revelation: Goldsmith ingeniously works his three-note theme into virtually every cue, from solo celeste for the City's infants to course synthesizers for the City's central computer.

He provides wild, imaginative setpieces, such as the Stravinskian cue for the Cubs (wild children) and the crystalline colors of the robot, Box.

The score features a wide variety of Goldsmith gems: pounding, odd-metered action cues for Logan's former friend and later adversary, Francis; ambitious, all-electronic ensembles for the City's rituals; and impressionstic, symphonic writing with Coplandesque refrains for the ruins of Washington, D.C.

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Soundtrack Available: On CD


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Logan's Run Picture
Michael York and Richard Jordon star
Logan's Run Picture
With the ever gorgeous Jenny Agutter
Logan's Run Picture
Meeting the old man... Wonderfully played by Peter Ustinov
Logan's Run Picture
Carousel... Renewal or Lie...?

Logan's Run Movie Details
Michael Anderson
Michael York, Jenny Agutter, Richard Jordan, Peter Ustinov, Farrah Fawcett, Roscoe Lee Browne, Michael Anderson Jr.
Sci-Fi / Fantasy
The performances of York, Agutter and Ustinov compliment a strong plot perfectly.
It's typical seventies futuristic look was dated even back in the late seventies!

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